How To Find The Right Muscle Car

Now that you know what you are looking for, you need to find it. Here are some places to look. Obviously, the more rare the car, the more you have to look and the longer it will take. Truly unique cars may take years to find and be too expensive when you do find it. Just be sure to ask the sellers all your questions BEFORE you spend the time to actually go out to look at the car. It will save you a lot of wasted effort.

1. Your Own Backyard

No, I don’t mean YOUR backyard. I mean your neighborhood. I always see cars with “For Sale” signs parked at the mall, or at a local car show. Ask your gearhead friends. Always keep your eyes open.

2. The Local Newspapers

Always the best place to look. Check in the local paper for cars that match your criteria. A big advantage here is that any cars you find will be close by for you to take a look at.

3. Regional Newspapers

You may need to expand your search. Check out other newspapers in your area (the internet is great for this). Maybe your perfect car is just one state over.

4. National Sources

If you are really serious, or are looking for a rare car, you have to go national. Once again, check out Just be sure to ask all the right questions BEFORE you go halfway across the country to look at a disappointment.

5. Brokers

Maybe your perfect car is available with a special muscle car broker (a really nice used car lot – though often virtual instead of physical). Here are a few:

If you don’t find it, keep looking. Finding the perfect car takes time.

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