Muscle Car Timeline

1958 – 1961

MODEL 1958 1959 1960 1961
CHEVROLET IMPALA Introduced as top option on Bel Air line Became own model with new “bat wing” tail end. Design was toned down New SS option introduced with optional 409 cid V8
CHRYSLER 300 D: 392 Hemi engine upgraded E: New 413 Wedge V8 replaces Hemi F: New “ram induction” 413 Wedge V8 G: Major exterior redesign
DODGE DART All new “downsized” fullsize model with up to 361 ram induction power
FORD FAIRLANE New 332 & 352 engines replace 292 & 312 V8s Completely new styling. Last year for Skyliner Completely new styling on larger body Add new 390 V8
FORD GALAXIE Introduced with Ford’s first muscle car engine, the 352 cid Interceptor V8 Larger restyle with new 352 cid Thunderbird V8 Added new 390 cid V8
MERCURY COMET All new model
PONTIAC CATALINA All new downsized styling with SD 389 as top engine

1962 – 1965

MODEL 1962 1963 1964 1965
BUICK GS All new model based on Buick Skylark with standard 401 V8
BUICK RIVIERA All new model with 401 and 425 cid V8s and European styling New 2×4 carb engine option Added GS option
CHEVROLET CHEVELLE All new model with 327 V8 as top engine option A few are built with 396 cid V8s
CHEVROLET IMPALA 409 strengthened. 409 strengthened. Impala SS becomes own model. Extensive redesign. 409 replaced by 396.
CHEVROLET NOVA All new for 1962 Add SS option Add first V8 (283 cid) engine. Add 327 V8 option
CHRYSLER 300 H: Less exclusive as now shared mechanicals with “non-letter” 300 models. J: – K: New base 413 engine L: Last year of 300 “Letter Cars”
DODGE DART New 413 Max Wedge engine option All new design on compact platform. Top engine is an I6. New 273 cid V8 option Add high output 273
FORD FAIRLANE Reborn as midsize car on new platform Special Thunderbolt versions built
FORD MUSTANG All new pony car based on Ford Falcon with I6 and V8 power
FORD GALAXIE Added new 406 cid V8 along with new styling New Sports Roof styling and new 425 cid engine (called 427) New restyle New restyle with stacked headlights and two high performance 427 engines
MERCURY COMET Receives first V8 (260 cid) Redesigned and added 289 V8
OLDSMOBILE 4-4-2 All new model based on Cutlass with 330 cid V8 400 cid V8 replaces 330 cid as sole engine choice
PLYMOUTH ‘CUDA All new pony car based on Plymouth Valiant with optional 273 V8 Add Formula S option
PONTIAC CATALINA Add optional Super Duty 421 engine New redesign 2+2 added as a new trim. 389 engine dropped
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX All new model based on Catalina New styling New restyle, new automatic transmission
PONTIAC GTO All new based on Pontiac Tempest with available 389 V8 Restyled

1964 – 1969

MODEL 1966 1967 1968 1969
AMC AMX All new 2 seat design based on Javelin. Add “Big Bad AMX” and “Go Pack” options
BUICK GS New styling with optional high output 401 engine All new 400 V8. GS 400 becomes separate model (not just a Skylark trim). New “junior” GS 340 debuts with 340 cid V8. Major restyle as wheelbase drops 3″. 350 engine replaces 340 in “junior” GS 350. California GS model added. Stage 1 engine upgrade available as dealer installed option. Add standard functional hood scoops on all models. Stage 1 becomes official factory option.
BUICK RIVIERA Major restyle. 401 engine dropped. New 430 V8 replaces 425. Slight restyle
CHEVROLET CAMARO All new model with V6 or V8 engines and RS, SS (with 396 power), and Z/28 (with 302 engine) trims Special COPO and Yenko versions available with 427 power.
CHEVROLET CHEVELLE Becomes separate model as SS396 with new standard 396 cid V8 Major restyle SS396 becomes an option. Special 427 powered COPO versions available.
CHEVROLET IMPALA Slight redesign with new 427 engine. SS reduced to option on Impala Impala SS427 is last true Impala SS. Last year for SS option.
CHEVROLET NOVA Restyled with new high output 327. Redesigned with new 396 V8s Special COPO and Yenko versions available
DODGE CHARGER All new midsize fastback model with up to 426 Hemi optional Introduction of all new 440 engine New redesign New Charger 500 and Daytona versions
DODGE DART Redesign Add GTS option with 340 and 383 V8s Add Swinger 340 model
FORD FAIRLANE Add GT and GTA packages and 427 V8 All new larger redesign Add Cobra model
FORD GALAXIE New 428 V8 replaced high power 427 Performance model renamed the “7 litre” New GT option, 427 engine dropped New restyle along with 390 engines
FORD MUSTANG 289 V8 replaced 260 V8 as the top engine Major restyle along with new 390 cid V8 New 428 engine Major restyle and addition of Boss 429 trim
MERCURY COMET Redesigned as true intermediate with available GT option and 390 cid V8 power Cyclone trim introduced Restyled New budget CJ version with 428 engine added along with special Spoiler version
MERCURY COUGAR All new model based on Ford Mustang with optional 390 cid V8 Add optional 427 and 428 engines and XR-7G trim Mild restyle along with new Eliminator trim
OLDSMOBILE 4-4-2 Triple carb option for 400 is available only for this year. W-30 option introduced New restyle and special Hurst versions Add W-31 (high performance 350 engine) and W-32 (low performance 400 engine) options
PLYMOUTH ‘CUDA Mild facelift New optional 383 engine Minor restyle New optional 440 engine
PLYMOUTH ROADRUNNER All new budget muscle car with 426 Hemi optional Convertible and 440 engines added
PONTIAC CATALINA New 428 engine replaces 421. Last year of Catalina
PONTIAC FIREBIRD All new based on Chevrolet Camaro with 400 cid V8 as top engine Major restyle and introduction of Trans Am trim
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX New restyle with new 400 and 428 V8s. Only year for convertible New restyle All new platform and new styling
PONTIAC GTO GTO became own model New 400 cid V8 replaced 389 New restyle with hidden headlights New Judge model added

1970 – 1973

MODEL 1970 1971 1972 1973
AMC AMX Add Ram Air hood scoop New 4 seat redesign and new 401 V8 optional
BUICK GS Major restyle with new 455 V8 replacing 400. Add GSX option. California GS dropped. Engines detuned. GS is now based on Century platform instead of Skylark.
BUICK RIVIERA Disasterous redesign with new 455 V8 replacing 430. New “boat tail” redesign. Engine detuned. “Boat tail” design softened.
CHEVROLET CAMARO Major redesign with European styling and new 350 engine for Z28 All engines detuned. 396 enlarged to 402 cid. Shortened production year SS trim dropped
CHEVROLET CHEVELLE Major redesign and new 454 engine High performance LS6 454 engine dropped. New front end styling. SS now an option on any Chevelle Last year of Chevelle SS. Chevelle redesigned.
CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO All new model sharing Chevelle engines including 454 Engines detuned
CHEVROLET NOVA 396 enlarged to 402 cid Engines detuned. 402 dropped leaving 350 as top engine Engines detuned.
DODGE CHALLENGER All new model based on Plymouth Barracuda. Special T/A version. Engines ranging from I6s to the 426 Hemi. Slight restlye, engines detuned slightly. Last year for Hemi, 440, and convertible. Gained controversial front end. 340 is top engine. New 360 engine
DODGE CHARGER New redesign and SE version Engine slightly detuned. Last year for Hemi and 440 Six Pack engines. A new 400 replaced the 383. New redesign
DODGE DART Add Dodge Demon 340 Dodge Demon renamed Dart Sport
FORD FAIRLANE New larger restyle Engines downgraded
FORD MUSTANG 429 engine replaced 428. Last year for Boss 302 and Boss 429 models Restyled and add Boss 351 Top engine was only the Cleveland 351 Engines further detuned
MERCURY COMET Redesigned with larger front end Engines detuned Last of the performance Comets
MERCURY COUGAR Restyled larger Restyled even larger, engines detuned Last true performance Mercury Cougar
OLDSMOBILE 4-4-2 New 455 engine replaces 400. Add Rallye 350 trim. Engines detuned Drastic restyle. Last year of W-30 option and performance 4-4-2.
PLYMOUTH ‘CUDA Dramatic restyle along with full range of engines including 440 and 426 Hemi. Special AAR ‘Cuda version Last year for Hemi and convertible Top engine was the 340 cid V8 360 replaced 340
PLYMOUTH ROADRUNNER New restyle Last year for Hemi
PONTIAC FIREBIRD New redesign Engines detuned New Super Duty 455 engine added. Add “screaming chicken” decal option.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX New 455 V8 replaces 428s New restyle with Colonnade styling on new chassis
PONTIAC GTO New restyle with new 455 engine. Engines detuned. Last year for Judge and convertibles GTO reverts back to option status Ugly restyling. Last year based on the Tempest platform.

1974 – 1977

MODEL 1974 1975 1976 1977
AMC AMX Last year for AMX
BUICK GS GS is moved to Apollo platform GS is moved back to Century platform. Last year of GS.
BUICK RIVIERA New uninspired design
DODGE CHALLENGER Last year for Challenger
DODGE CHARGER Last performance Charger
DODGE DART Top 340 engine replaced by 360 360 engine detuned
PLYMOUTH ‘CUDA Last year for performance Barracuda
PLYMOUTH ROADRUNNER Last year for Roadrunner
PONTIAC GTO Became option on the compact Ventura

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