A Brief History of Musclecarclub.com

Musclecarclub.com began back in 1995 as the Tigershark Institute, a collection of web pages dedicated to the great American Muscle Car. What started as a pastime quickly grew into one of the most informative and complete muscle car sites on the Internet. More and more topics were added and loyal visitors to the site kept coming back, even though the site moved from location to location. As part of Dakine.net, the muscle car section grew and grew and it was broken off and officially launched on February 25, 2000, as Musclecarclub.com. But the site never attracted enough traffic and the site was closed down and re-incorporated into Dakine.net on June 30, 2000. But the muscle car fans were still out there and Musclecarclub.com was officially re-launched for good on January 1, 2001.

In April of 2005, Muscle Car Club was acquired by Classicmusclecars.com with the goal of making the site an even more complete and informative destination for anyone with oil coursing through their blood. During that period, Muscle Car Club expanded into a central hub of information for anyone looking to learn about some of the most influential American cars ever made. With everything from informative history-based articles to engine repair information, Muscle Car Club was running on all cylinders.

In 2022, Muscle Car Club was acquired by 8020 Media, a team of dedicated automotive writers and passionate gearheads who are driven to provide the most accurate and helpful information on everything from manufacturer history to technical engine guides. During our tenure so far, we, at 8020 Media, have made a concerted effort to refresh, update, and improve legacy content while providing valuable contributions of our own.

Meet the Muscle Car Club Team

In line with our commitment to provide the most accurate and detailed information possible for our readers, Muscle Car Club’s content is written by experienced and committed writers who are enthusiasts first and are driven by passion.

Austin Parsons


Austin has been infatuated with muscle cars from a very young age. Some of his first memories involve riding in his father’s 1965 Mustang Convertible during the summer. His father’s muscle car collection, including a 1968 Mercury Cougar and a 1969 Mustang Mach 1, was a critical part of his love of cars from a young age and a major reason for his pursuing a career in the automotive realm. Since then, he received his bachelor’s degree in technical writing from the University of Colorado Denver. He also worked as a BMW Product Specialist for 5 years while he was getting his degree. Dedicated to the art of automotive journalism, Austin strives to provide detailed, accurate, and succinct articles to the Muscle Car Club audience.

Chandler Stark


Chandler is no rookie when it comes to looking at the past through a keenly observant lens. Graduating Summa Cum Laude with a degree in History from the University of Colorado Denver quickly followed up with a master’s, Chandler is an expert at researching and disseminating information that might as well have been lost to time. That is crucial when crafting highly detailed articles about America’s muscle car golden years ranging from technical engine guides to model history. His love of muscle cars is undeniable, with him seeking them out at every opportunity during his visits to auto shows and car meets.

Zach Mayock


Zach is not only one of the founders of 8020 Media but also an extremely experienced automotive writer. With over 400 automotive articles under his belt, Zach knows a thing or two about cars. Zach holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado Boulder and has spent his time since then working to make the online automotive space more accessible, informative, and easy to navigate. As an enthusiast first, Zach has owned and modified tons of cars ranging in all kinds of makes and models. His hands-on experience in combination with his determination to provide the most high-quality and well-researched content make him a crucial part of the Muscle Car Club team.

About 8020 Media

8020 Media was formed out of the need for quality, trustworthy, and easy-to-read automotive information. When Jake and Zach started 8020 Media in 2017, their mission was to stop the ever-so-common frenzied and confusing search for information about a particular model or modification. Since forums are so hit or miss, the brothers wanted to create a trusted library of everything from performance modifications, tuning, DIY, repair, and maintenance guides for enthusiasts of all makes and models. And that’s exactly what they did.

Since 2017, 8020 Media has expanded into an automotive empire comprised of seven blogs, three e-commerce stores, and a performance parts company. Across the sites, 8020 Media provides over 2 million unique monthly readers, of many allegiances, with the most valuable and well-researched content around. While information is our business, everyone on the 8020 Media team lives and breathes cars. Between our decades of combined experience working on and modifying cars and our multiple company builds, it has to be said that we have a ton of hands-on experience. For more information on the company driving Muscle Car Club into the future, you can read more about 8020 Media here.

Our No ‘AI’ Content Policy

Muscle Car Club and 8020 Media have a no AI policy. We do not use AI tools nor language learning models to help us research or create any of our content. Our team is a group of dedicated automotive enthusiasts with decades of real life and hands on experience. Our articles are written based on our own knowledge and research allowing us to stay true to our commitment to provide the highest-quality, most accurate, and honest automotive content on the internet.