About Us

A Brief History of Musclecarclub.com

Musclecarclub.com began back in 1995 as the Tigershark Institute, a collection of web pages dedicated to the great American Muscle Car. What started as a pastime quickly grew into one of the most informative and complete muscle car sites on the Internet. More and more topics were added and loyal visitors to the site kept coming back, even though the site moved from location to location. As part of Dakine.net, the muscle car section grew and grew and it was broken off and officially launched on February 25, 2000, as Musclecarclub.com. But the site never attracted enough traffic and the site was closed down and re-incorporated into Dakine.net on June 30, 2000. But the muscle car fans were still out there and Musclecarclub.com was officially re-launched for good on January 1, 2001.

In April of 2005, MCC was acquired by Classicmusclecars.com. Its owner, Tony Begley, had a vision to unify all muscle car owners worldwide via the internet through a worldwide muscle car registery. This will allow owners, perspective buyers, insurance companies, finance companies, and law enforcement agencies the ablility to track and help perserve muscle cars and their history. This will be the first time that any internet site dedicated to muscle cars has undertaken such a task.