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Muscle Car Club provides a wealth of information, history, and general education around classic muscle cars and engines. Additionally, we cover buying guides and performance modifications for modern day muscle cars.

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Chrysler 340 Engine

Ultimate Chrysler 340 Engine Guide

Known by many as the “Giant Killer,” the Chrysler 340 V8 engine is one of the most iconic and legendary muscle car engines ever. Even though it was a small-block only displacing 340 cid, it would take down 400+ cubic inch big-blocks with ease. This was especially true for the 1970 “Six-Pack” 340 inside the…
Pontiac 455 engine

Pontiac 455 Engine Guide

Even though its glory days may have been relatively short lived, the Pontiac 455 is one of the most iconic V8 engines of the muscle car era. Pontiac built the engine for the 1970–1976 model years, where it produced a maximum of 370 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque. It was the biggest engine that…
1970 AMC Rebel Machine

1967-1970 AMC Rebel

The 1970 AMC Rebel Machine has long been one of the most underrated muscle cars. The Machine featured a 390 cid V8 engine that produced 340 horsepower and 430 lb-ft of torque, and it was a fantastic budget muscle car which screamed patriotism with its red, white, and blue paint theme. Sadly, the Machine was…

Ultimate AMC 401 Engine Guide

While AMC’s V8 offerings are often overlooked in favor of more mainstream options like the Small/Big Block Chevy, it is unquestionably that the AMC V8 has etched itself solidly into the history books. Powering some of the most successful American muscle cars and police fleet vehicles of the 70s, including the AMX 401 and Police…
Ford 390 Engine Mustang

Ford 390 Engine Guide

From 1961–1971, the Ford 390 FE V8 engine was one of the motor company’s top offerings. Boasting up to 401 horsepower in 1962 with a Tri-Power carburetor, the Ford 390 engine quickly established itself as one of the top performance engines on the market. Throughout its 11-year production span, Ford put the 390 in just…
S550 Mustang roush intake

Best Ford S550 Mustang Mods Guide

From 2015–2023, the S550 Ford Mustang was the consummate modern pony car. Featuring either a turbocharged 2.3 liter “EcoBoost” inline-four or a naturally aspirated 5.0 liter “Coyote” V8, the S550 Mustang was one of the top power plants for the American market for many years. Still, even with the 310+ horsepower from the EcoBoost and…
1970.5 Ford Falcon

Ford Falcon

It may have been short lived, but the Ford Falcon was one of the top cars of the 1960s. Most people know it as the basis for the Ford Mustang, but it was a solid offering on its own. The Falcon started life as a compact and economy car, but by the late-1960s was verging…