American Motors Corporation

American Motors Corporation was created in 1954 through a merger between two successful independent automotive manufacturers called Nash-Kelvinator and the Hudson Motor Corporation. After the merger, American Motors Corporation became the fourth largest auto manufacturer in the United States behind Ford, GM, and Chrysler. American Motors Corporation became known for their insistence on filling product gaps left unfilled by the big three auto manufacturers. The Rambler became their most popular vehicle, accounting for the majority of the company’s sales. Their insistence on subcompact models was a rarity in a time when displacement and power were all the rage. With that being said, AMC also had performance models including the Rambler Rebel the AMC AMX, and the Javelin. Kaiser Jeep would eventually split from AMC. American Motors Corporation would also work with Renault and develop a few more somewhat successful models before being bought out by Chrysler.

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